How Many Mistakes Can You Find?

This presentation, given in the fall of 2011, required that many hours were spent researching the desired photographs for inclusion. For the most part, the subject of the photo was determined by the slide’s content; the right photo had to be discovered. The photos selected for use had to be licensed through Creative Commons (click here) so that they could be freely distributed without infringement. Since there are years of writing experience behind this presentation, creating a paragraph that breaks many of the rules was really difficult, since years of experience writing in the active voice, second person meant doing the opposite of the process that was normally followed. It’s a good thing that a CMS wasn’t used to populate the text. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, would be to rewrite this paragraph so that more citizens of the world find it easier to comprehend, fix the mistakes, and be able to clarify why it was identified as an error (i.e., rule or opinion). Should it be impossible to conclude how to rewrite this content, call 1-800-DIAL-NOW for hints or send $5 to Results are due by 6/9/11 at 6. Once your finished, please click here to submit your entry. Be sure to track the amount of mistakes you fix to see if you get more or less than ten.

(NOTE: When working with this page, don’t call or email!)

It’s hard to read a paragraph written this way. I’ve created a second page where each sentence is a separate paragraph. View the mistakes I found.

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