List of Mistakes

  • Long paragraph, no headings, no chunking
  • Passive voice
  • Third person
  • Season (“fall”)
  • Way too many words
  • ;
  • “Since” instead of “because”
  • Repeated text (which creates a really long sentence)
  • Requires a high reading level
  • Jargon (actually, quote from a very old TV show)
  • Unexplained acronym
  • List items not in a list
  • “i.e.”
  • Phone number using only words (DIAL-NOW) – but don’t call!
  • Identify country for 800 number (US/Canada/Australia/other?)
  • Numeric date instead of ISO format
  • Time not identified as am or pm
  • “Once” instead of “after”
  • Non-descriptive hyperlink text
  • “amount” instead of “number”
  • “less” instead of “fewer”
  • “your” instead of “you’re”
  • “please”

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